Nicodemus Trust helps rescue children and youth living on the streets of Guatemala City

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Nicodemus Trust is a UK registered charity founded on Christian principles working in Latin America and the UK.  Time of Rescue is one of their charity’s supported projects.  In October 2014, the amount of £1,000 was awarded by Edith M Ellis Charitable Trust under the category for giving of International peace and conflict resolution towards the transportation costs of this project.  The amount awarded was used towards the maintenance and running costs of vehicles.

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Impact of the Project

  • The grant helped (towards) street workers rescue 130 street children living on the streets.
  • The vehicles enabled 99 visits to homes for family intervention.
  • Funeral and transport arrangements for 14 street children who sadly died due to drugs, street life and gang conflict.
  • The vehicles enabled travel to seven locations and administration of first aid to 212 children and youth.
  • The vehicles enabled 212 Emergency trips to the hospital

For children, leaving street life is a huge challenge. Time of Rescue’s (TR) works building strong relationships with street youth with the aim to facilitate a voluntary decision to leave street life.

Success Stories

Manuel (27yrs) and partner Alejandra and their 9-month baby as well as Fernanda (24yrs) and her 6-month old baby, are three young people who in the last year have taken this giant step and left the streets. They are now living with family. They have been on their own journeys, coming off drugs and integrating into a new way of life. Time of Rescue has supported them throughout this tough time whilst continuing support. Leaving a street lifestyle is a huge mountain to climb for those addicted to drugs or alcohol. Time of Rescue’s involvement with Manuel, Alejandra and Fernanda has been key in keeping them off the streets and going back. Manuel, Alejandra and Fernanda are now starting to integrate into ‘Young Adults with Purpose in Guatemala’ (YAPG), another supported project by the Nicodemus Trust. As part of YAPG, they will be mentored and supported through education. This is a great achievement of human spirit to overcome huge obstacles.

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Sustainability Plans

The Nicodemus Trust has financed this project (and helped them self-finance) since it started in 2012. The Trust has seen firsthand the life changing opportunities it provides the young people living in the streets. They are committed to ongoing support and will do this through fundraising campaigns, corporate giving and applying for grants to ensure the work will continue. For example, the Trust is currently fundraising for this project and running a funding campaign – The Cycle Challenge – in June 2016.

Ongoing Need

It is election year in Guatemala. The ex-President and Vice President are in prison on corruption charges. This has produced instability. As a result, gang activity has increased and caused higher levels of extortion and killing.  Time of Rescue has seen increasing violence on the streets this year BUT there continues to be rescues and a desire by the street youth to change their circumstances.

The Edith M Ellis 1985 Charitable Trust is pleased to support the work of the Nicodemus Trust.  Further information on their valuable work can be found at