Grants Made

Grants made in the year to 5th April 2022

Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP), Wales/CymruA,B£5,000
Amala EducationB,E£5,000
Ambios LtdD£5,000
Bees Abroad, UgandaD, F£2,500
Building Self BeliefD£1,000
City of Sanctuary SheffieldE£4,500
Conflict Resolution Education in Sheffield Schools Training (CRESST)B,A£1,713
Drone Wars UKB£2,400
Freedom4Girls, UgandaF£2,500
Friends of Double Joy, KenyaB,D,F£2,000
Global Campaign on Military SpendingB£3,000
Hear Me out (formerly Music in Detention)E£3,000
Play for ProgressE£2,500
Quaker Arts Network, Loving EarthA,D£2,000
Together NowE£2,000
Who Is Your Neighbour?B,E£4,760
Women's Education Partnership, S SudanE£3,000
Total grants made£54,873

Many projects met more than one of the criteria; listing here is by main criterion and percentages are approximate:

A. Quaker work and witness11%
B. Peace-building and conflict resolution39%
C. Interfaith and ecumenical understanding0%
D. Climate change mitigation work in the UK & overseas17%
E. Work with forced migrants and refugees, including displaced people28%
F. Sustainable development5%